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Sunshine Custom Bottoms

Sunshine Custom Bottoms

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Sunshine Custom

For the sunshine collection we are trying something brand new! Not only are fashion show items available for purchase but you now can purchase any of the basic collection items in any color and or size! Please carefully read our measurements for each style to ensure you select the proper sizing. For other color requests and customization please email

Sunshine Mini Skirt-

Small/ Waist- 25 in. Length- 15.5 in. 

Medium/ Waist- 28 in. Length- 15.5 in. 

Large/ Waist- 31 in. Length- 15.5 in. 

X-Large/ Waist- 36 in. Length- 15.5 in.

Sunshine Midi Skirt-

Small/ Waist- 25 in. Length- 26 in. 

Medium/ Waist- 28 in. Length- 26 in. 

Large/ Waist- 31 in. Length- 26 in. 

X-Large/ Waist- 36 in. Length- 26 in.

Sunshine Maxi Dress-

Small/ Width: 15 in.  Length: 55.5 in.  Neck: 9 in. 

Medium/ Width: 16.5 in. Length: 55.5 in. Neck: 10 in. 

Large/ Width: 17.5 in. Length: 58 in. Neck: 11 in. 

X-Large/ Width: 19 in. Length: 58 in. Neck: 12 in. 

Sunshine Wide Leg Pant

Small/ Width- 30 in.  Length- 42.5 in. Inseam- 14 in. 

Medium/ Width- 32 in.  Length- 42.5 in. Inseam- 14 in. 

Large/ Width- 34 in.  Length- 42.5 in. Inseam- 14 in. 

X-Large/ Width- 36 in.  Length- 42.5 in. Inseam- 14 in. 

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