Acid Lime offers a variety of custom items. This ranges from custom knit, sewn, and crocheted garments specifically for you. At AL, we will work with you to develop your ideas into a functional and sustainable garment. To inquire about a custom piece please fill out this contact form. This will allow us to gather a price point and timeline prior to contacting you. Please allow 1-2 weeks for response time. 

Custom garment prices will be given an estimate upon contacting us. This price is final and non-negotiable due to the time and effort custom pieces take. Any rushed customs will be charged extra.


Acid Lime offers basic tailoring doorstep alteration services to our customers. You can book your appointment straight through our website using the link provided below. Acid Lime does pant, T-shirt, dress, and skirt hemming. We also do waist alterations as well as some functional bodice tailoring. To request advanced tailoring or custom sewing projects please follow the instructions above and fill out our contact form. 


All purchases made are non-returnable. Due to this, product descriptions and measurements will be provided to ensure your product will fit and come as you dreamt it would. If a garment breaks or endures damage due to a construction error, we will fix it free of charge. 


If you don’t qualify for local delivery or pickup you must choose to have your item shipped, with no exceptions. Shipping will be charged depending on the weight and size of your item and the shipping level you chose. Please give 1-2 days for packaging and 2-4 business days depending on the level of shipping chosen. Once your item makes it to the postal service providing the shipping, it is no longer our obligation if your product is lost or damaged in any way. It is then the postal services' obligation. 


if you have questions or concerns about anything contact us via email at missacidlime@shopacidlime.com or fill out this informative article and we will get back to you as soon as possible.