The Face Behind The Name


To everyone here, hello. My name is Kenzi Cobb and Acid Lime is my dream. Early on in life, I knew I loved clothes, everything about them. I adored the fact that through clothing you could express yourself without ever saying a word. It was when I was 12 that I first learned the true value of using clothing to express myself to others. I began using clothing as my introduction to people rather than words as words aren’t always my strong suit. Since then I decided to make fashion a true career possibility for myself. As I began dipping my toes into the fashion industry I found a deep connection to sustainability, sewing, and fashion history. There is something so unique and powerful about taking inspiration from the past and recreating it in a new, innovative, and sustainable way. Clothes are my passion which is why I am so honored to be here today creating, exploring, and defining what Acid Lime is. It's been my nature to create since a child. I love experimenting and learning with my hands rather than with books. Acid Lime is the notebook for all of my experimental avenues with clothing. Sustainable design, that’s what we’ll call it. If it wasn’t for every customer, supporter, friend, repost, like, comment, failed attempt, and successful one Acid Lime wouldn’t be the Fashion brand it is today…

A million times, thank you.

Xoxo, Miss Acid Lime