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Scrap Balaclava

Scrap Balaclava

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Scrap balaclavas are a way for us to be as close to zero waste as possible. Each balaclava will feature scraps of each fabric color from the collection. Each balaclava being entirely unique from the other. Variations will be present and if you have a specific request please email before purchasing. 


Small/ Head Diameter- 20-21 in. Length- 29 in.

Medium/ Head Diameter- 22-23 in. Length- 29 in. 

Large/Head Diameter- 24-25 in. Length- 29 in.

To make further requests on the design of this garment please email Requests in terms of sizing for example lengthening pants is free of charge. Customizations such as changes in thread color or ribbing are also free. However more complex requests such as pockets, drawstrings, and construction changes will be additional costs. 

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