It's quite most nights

and even though night is associated with darkness, on these specific ones its not

the beams of the moon trickle in like the sun

she likes to pretend she’s something else like that

sometimes i hate the silence, it makes me queasy

but on nights like this i find it easy to breathe peacefully

I’m alone and i don’t have to hear the sound of anyone else's heart beating

i like to listen at times like that

i let my thoughts bounce around freely

they jump back and forth up and down like they’ve never see freedom

almost as if the night sky is Eden

they like to be hopeful like that 

as for me i sit back and watch

as does the moon

because it is rare and she knows it

she likes to see me frozen

i'd like to think of her as my friend yet we don’t see each other enough to be believe in that

i like to lay with my eyes closed

it heightens my senses

i can feel the dust float across the room longing for contact

they like to pretend the sun is illuminating them like that

i never knew peace before

but somehow I’ve created my own

under my own conditions

only if the sun sets to the south and the moon rises north

which you understand is its rarest form

and on these nights i like to imagine you’re next to me

not touching me

but here with me feeling this peace

and if my hand found yours just as the dust floated across our faces

maybe then we would know each other differently

maybe then the dust would find its longing contact against our skin

maybe then it would bury us within

and the moon she would smile

because she knows peace will be with us

for a long while

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