; Fickleness

; Fickleness

So soft

So so fickle

Just a simple array of bones and flesh

Nothing more, nothing less

Fragile to touch, and fragile to the flow of air

So easily broken

So easily ripped apart

Just breathing air and beating every 2 seconds or so

I wonder if we weren't such fragile beings would our lives matter less?

I wonder if it is because of our fragility that we exist in the ways in which we do

And i wonder why things only seem to matter when we are shown just how quickly we become nothing

When it comes down to it were so simple

And delicate

Yet we live so carelessly

We live as if nothing could ever stop us from living

But what are we to do?

Living in fear doesn't stop the inevitable

Its inevitable

So wake up tomorrow

Take a shower

Feel yourself breathe as you wash your styrofoam bones

Feel your blood pump and know your fragility

Let it remind you of those who used to be simple; delicate; and fickle like you

Let it push you to live as if nothing could ever stop you from living

And so you remember the ones that are dancing in the sky

And so you wake up tomorrow

And, try.


Kenzi Cobb 2020

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